The Cyberwarfare Campaign: Who Is Winning?

After being hacked, the CIA’s Office of Information Policy and Management (OIP) was forced to shut down.The agency’s internal watchdog, the National Intelligence Council, also had to shut. The Office of Public Affairs (OPA), the agency’s propaganda arm, was also cut loose. “Our mission is to inform the public of what’s happening in the world, and to…

Chrome Web page scraping exploits flaws in Google’s browser

Chrome web page scraping flaws in the Google Chrome browser can be exploited to obtain private information, researchers said.The flaw is in the way web pages are created, but Google hasn’t fixed the issue yet.It’s possible that a malicious web page can create an anonymous page that uses the same cookies that are used by…

How to get rid of Microsoft’s internet browser

In the weeks since Microsoft’s new internet browser, Internet Explorer, was released, users have been complaining about the way it affects their browsing.The browser, which is the default browser on many PCs, has been widely criticised for its slow speeds and slow responsiveness.This has led to a growing number of people who use Windows and…

Why did the government in Delhi make such a big deal out of the Delhi High Court judgement that the Supreme Court did not find a complaint of harassment against the former Chief Minister?

The Delhi High Commission had on Monday asked the Delhi government to “prove to the court” that the former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had not been harassed.The commission also asked the government to explain why it was not taking action against the Chief Minister.

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