You can’t trust me, Google says

Google, the US internet search giant, has pulled its “top” web page list from the site and will be replacing it with a more general list of the sites it thinks are relevant.

The move comes after it became clear that Google was using the list to target ads to users based on their location and interests.

The move is one of many moves Google has taken to try to combat misinformation on its site, which is used by more than 20 million users each day.

The company said the list would not include content it said was inaccurate, and that it was also reviewing other elements on its website that Google believed were inaccurate.

“We have recently reviewed several factors that may have been used to create this ranking, and we are working with Google to make these changes,” Google said in a statement.

“The changes will improve Google’s ability to provide users with more relevant content.”

The list is a result of Google working on an overhaul of its search algorithm and will replace the current list of top websites with a “list of the most important” in the coming weeks.

The overhaul is part of an effort by the internet search giants to address the issue of misinformation on the internet.

Google has previously tried to stop sites like Reddit, which uses the term “troll farm” to describe a website’s content that is considered incorrect, from getting more traffic and users.

Google’s new approach to filtering the web has been criticised by some internet users.

“It is very important for people to know where they stand on the issue,” said Jessica Schreiber, director of technology at Free Press, a group that supports a free and open internet.

“This list should not be used to censor free speech.”

She said she believed that Google’s move was a way for the company to avoid facing the criticism it is now facing from other internet users who have also expressed concerns about the new rules.

“As a company, Google, you should not have the power to determine what people are allowed to see, what they are not allowed to view,” Schreib said.

“You have to give users the choice of what they want to see on the web.”

Google’s move follows a similar change that was made to its search results on Tuesday.

The changes to the search results will affect people who are looking for the term Google, and not the term Facebook, Google said.

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