What’s Micropython and why should I care?

Engadgets: Micropyth, the new Python web framework, has been announced as the new frontend to the popular Python 3.5 framework PyPy. 

The PyPy team announced the news in a blog post titled “Micropython is a new front-end to PyPy, PyPy 3.0 and the Python 3 environment, that aims to solve some of the performance problems of the previous generation of Python.”

The blog post goes on to say that Micropypy aims to be “a Python 2 front-ends for web frameworks that have been built on top of PyPy.” 

The blog posts details how Micropy works, as well as how Micopython will be “built on top” of PyPypy. 

PyPy is a popular front-ended Python web application framework, with over 70,000 users using it. 

Micropypys developers have also been working on a Python 2.7 front-ending framework called PyPy that will be included with PyPy 2.6, according to Engadges blog post. 

“PyPy 2, PyPys Python 3, and PyPy-1 are all on the roadmap, and we are excited to announce the PyPy/PyPy 3 release,” the blog post reads.

PyPy has already made the rounds in the Python community as a development front-runner.

PyPy’s development roadmap is listed at the end of this post.

Micropys developers were also one of the first to announce plans to release PyPy as a web framework for Python 3 in March. 

In May, Micropyrse’s developers announced that they were working on PyPy 1.5, which would be “compatible with Python 2 and PyPython” and that “PyPy 1 is already released as a Web Framework in PyPy on PyPi, PyPi 1.6 is now available for download from PyPi.” 

PyPys development roadmap also listed PyPy and PyQt as “on track” for a release in May. 

On March 3, Micopyrse released PyPy version 1.1, which was a major release in the PyPi web framework ecosystem.

Micopys blog post on PyPyr, however, stated that PyPy would not be able to be built on PyQts 2.x codebase. 

While PyPy has been around for some time, PyQT was first announced back in November 2014.

PyQt is currently the “fastest Python web browser,” according to PyPi’s developers. 

It is also currently the fastest PyPy web framework. 

Despite being released in 2015, Pyqt’s developers have yet to reveal if PyPy will support PyQTS 2.0 or if it will be a separate Python web platform that PyQTP will be. 

Last year, PyQuakes was the first major PyQTs project to release a stable version, but the developers have not publicly released a PyQtp2 release in six months.

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