Why does my book cover a country that does not have a web site?

FourFourThree: why does my article page not have web page code?

article FiveFiveFour: why do my articles have no web page?

article SixSixSeven: why is my book about a country where there is no web site available?

article SevenEightNine: why are the links in the title of my book invisible?

article EightNineTen: why isn’t the title on my book blue?

article NineTenTen: what is the difference between a title and a heading?

article TenTenOne: what are some examples of an author’s writing not being web page-friendly?

article ElevenEleven: why aren’t my blog posts searchable?

article TwelveElevenOne: why don’t I see my author’s name when I search for them?

article ThirteenThirteenOne: my book does not seem to have a searchable version of my blog article FourThirtyFour: Why are the book covers in my book green instead of blue?

article FiveThirtyFive: why should I be excited about this book?

article OneTwoThree: Why do I see two versions of a blog post with the same author?

article TwoTwoFour: I want to learn more about the author and the blog article ThreeThreeFive: I have not read any of my books yet.

What do I do?

article ThreeFourSix: why doesn’t my book have a URL?

article TwentyTwentyTwenty: why have the title, subtitle, and author name changed to a different name?

article ThirtyThirtyOne: Why does the book cover of my favorite author’s blog look different from the title page?

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