Adidas’ website gets $100 million boost

Breitbart News today reported that Adidas, the world’s largest footwear brand, will receive a $100-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create an ad-free website.

The USDA announced the grant in March 2016, and it was approved by the USDA’s Financial Services Committee (FSOC).

The grant was approved because Adidas had made an agreement with the agency to use a number of the USDA-backed ad-friendly technology tools, including Adblock Plus,, AdBlock Mobile,, and Adblock, the agency said.

The ad-filled site will be launched in 2019 and be operated by Adidas.

It will feature ads from Adidas’ advertising partners, including, adblock, and adblock mobile.

Adidas will also donate $100,000 per month to a non-profit organization, which will use the funds to fund online literacy programs and advocacy efforts for consumers.

The website will also be run by Adidas’ international team of international sales people.

Adidas CEO Danone told the Associated Press that the ad-Free site will provide the company with a more direct channel for reaching consumers than its existing advertising platform.

The grant will provide additional support for the adfree ad platform, including an ad network to provide ads and more ad inventory on the site.

“Adidas is proud to be partnering with the U of A to create a new way to reach more Americans through our global online platform,” said Danone.

“Our ad-supported ad platform will be a valuable partner for our worldwide sales force, helping us reach more consumers across the globe.”

Adidas previously announced a partnership with Microsoft to create its own ad-less online shopping site in 2017, and the company has been investing heavily in ad-block software in order to support its ad-blocking technology.

Advertisers have criticized the Adidas ad- Free platform as a “gimmick,” as well as a distraction from the ad products that it makes available to consumers.

The website’s primary focus is on the company’s own ad products, including Nike and Adidas’ signature ad-bearing shoes, but its other products also include athletic wear, accessories, and apparel.

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