Delphi web browser has an ‘unexpected’ feature

New Delhi: Delphi is the web browser for India’s new government, and that means it has an unusual feature.

For the first time, India’s newly installed prime minister Narendra Modi has an option for users to play a video on the home screen of his computer, instead of using the main browser.

Instead of watching YouTube videos, users can play a web page or watch a video of another person in real time.

It is not yet clear how the feature is being implemented in the government’s new web browser, but it is an indication that the country’s new technocratic leaders are making a push to get to grips with the web.

Delphi is a Microsoft-based web browser with the goal of enabling developers to create their own software on a browser-based platform, rather than having to rely on open-source programs like Chrome and Firefox.

Modi is not the first prime minister to have used Delphi.

In November 2013, he used it to play video on his desktop.

He has also said he wants Delphi to be his preferred browser for the Internet, and in February he announced that he would be using Delphi for his home office.

Modis government is trying to get a foothold in the Indian Internet, which is the fastest-growing segment of the global Internet.

It has also launched a new website for users and a website for India, DelphiIndia, that is expected to make it easier for users who want to use Delphi on a smartphone.

Modas government has also set up a dedicated Twitter account that uses Delphi as its primary means of communication.

In addition, it is developing a mobile application that is intended to help Indians find the right software for their devices, which could be an indicator of its intention to build a strong foothold in India.

For a government that has faced a number of setbacks in its attempts to gain an audience in the web-based world, the timing of Modi’s announcement of the new web version of Delphi was surprising.

It comes on the heels of a similar announcement by his predecessor, Manmohan Singh, in February 2013, when he announced a new web application that would allow users to view videos, podcasts and music.

The government has since also launched another app, Snap, that allows users to see the news from their mobile phones.

Moderator Preeti Sharma, who is responsible for India at the BBC World Service, said the move was “a big step forward” in the countrys efforts to become a major player in the online world.

The new web video player is an extension of the recently launched Snap.

The Snap app allows users the ability to search videos and browse the web in real-time.

Users can watch videos on their devices from anywhere in the world, including on mobile phones, while access to a playlist of videos and albums is also available.

In India, there are currently more than 400 million internet users, of whom 40 million use Delphas browser.

Modises new browser, Snap is a “big step forward in the digital India project” Sharma said.

The government is also trying to bring the technology to the masses.

It is investing in research into Delphi and building out a portal called DelphiConnect, which aims to help people connect to software developers and help them develop their own apps.

India is also testing out the technology in a pilot scheme, in which companies are required to pay Rs 2,500 (around $2,800) a year for a licence to use the software, and then the government will pay a monthly fee of about Rs 1,500 to users for a month of Delphias web browser.

A spokeswoman for the government said the government has been in discussions with Delphi over the last few months to get the software on its mobile platform.

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