Why Is Donald Trump So Angry About The Internet?

By now you probably know that Trump and his supporters are angry about the internet.

They’re not just frustrated that the government is interfering with their privacy, they’re angry that they’re being forced to rely on a system that, according to Trump, “allows for criminals and rapists to use the internet to spread their vile propaganda.”

But that’s not all.

In addition to his constant complaints about the NSA and other forms of government intrusion into their lives, Trump also complains about the media, which he claims is “failing the American people.”

Trump’s tweets, like the ones from the first two presidents, show that he thinks the press is corrupt and has betrayed the people.

The fact that Trump’s political opponents have taken the same position shows just how deeply rooted the anger has been among the American electorate.

The Trump phenomenon has a familiar face in its ranks.

The president has taken the position of leader of a populist movement that has captured the American imagination for decades, and it has now gained the attention of many politicians.

In a 2016 poll, a Pew Research Center survey found that 57 percent of Americans thought that the way the government had been treating people in the United States was wrong, while a mere 19 percent thought it was good for the country.

Trump has taken a very different view.

For Trump, the media is not a threat to his country, but an ally, a source of information that allows him to get things done.

“You’ve got this massive, corrupt media that’s been doing a really good job of helping Donald Trump get elected,” says John Kasich, the Ohio governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate who is one of Trump’s most vocal critics.

“The media is a very powerful instrument for a president to control his agenda.

And the way he controls his agenda, the way that he uses the media to control what he’s saying and what he is saying, that’s what he likes to do.”

It’s true that Trump has been using the media and its reporting to make himself look tough.

He has repeatedly questioned the impartiality of the news media and has blamed CNN and MSNBC for helping to fuel his rise to power.

He’s also often called on reporters to report on him unfairly, with a reference to the media’s failure to report his victory speech.

But this is all the president has been able to do, and, in his view, he has a duty to do so.

He also sees himself as the defender of the American public.

In his campaign speech, he spoke of the importance of “protecting and defending the American press,” and he said that the press would “have a very special role to play in protecting our democracy.”

Trump has also accused reporters of having a “fantastic job” covering him, while in January, he told a rally in South Carolina that reporters “are going to be treated very, very badly.”

But what Trump really cares about is getting things done, and the way to do that is to make the media happy.

That’s exactly what he did during his first 100 days in office, when he used the media as a vehicle for his agenda of deregulation, corporate-friendly policies, and an aggressive push to gut environmental regulations.

In March, the president ordered an unprecedented audit of the media—an audit that was conducted by a bipartisan group of Republican senators, including Sens.

Jeff Flake and Jeff Sessions.

The audit found that the New York Times and Washington Post had engaged in a “pattern of bias, dishonesty, and inaccurate reporting,” according to a report in Politico.

The paper’s reporting on Trump’s inauguration “has been highly critical and inaccurate,” the report concluded.

But the report also found that there had been no major newsworthy stories about Trump during his time in office.

The newspaper’s coverage was largely focused on Trump being sworn in as president, but the paper also included coverage of the first months of his administration.

During the Trump presidency, the newspaper also took a hardline stance against the Iran nuclear deal.

It published a front-page editorial titled, “What You Need to Know About The Iran Nuclear Deal.”

The Times published a lengthy column that outlined the many reasons the deal had failed and why the deal was a failure.

It also included an article that argued that the deal would “lead to the collapse of our economy.”

But the newspaper did not write that the Obama administration was lying to the American People.

In fact, the editorial said that “we’re all in the same boat.”

The editorial did not mention that the administration had used the term “collapse” in the past.

The editorial also did not explicitly state that the president had “lied to the public.”

Instead, the Times wrote, the paper focused on “the president’s claims that he had an open, free, and democratic election.”

“We’re talking about a president who used his office to try to sabotage a landmark nuclear deal,” the editorial continued.

In short, the editors of the Times were willing to accept Trump’s claims about

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