What will it take to restore Google search?

By David L. WalkerBloombergTechnologyWeek/Getty ImagesA few months ago, Google Inc. said it planned to close a number of its web search services, including search, a key element of the company’s business model.

Google said it will also discontinue its search engine CME Group Inc. in a deal with the company.

Google also said it plans to cut its workforce and cut about 3,000 jobs from its worldwide search operations.

For a while, the search giant had said it would shut down its CME unit and that it would seek a buyer to purchase its assets, but Google has never formally announced its plans to do so.

The search giant is no longer the largest search engine in the world, but it has an outsized influence on many of the products that come out of its search results.

The search giant also makes billions of dollars in advertising revenue through its Google+ social network.

In addition, Google has the largest advertising budget in the U.S. It has more than a billion dollars in ad spending on search and search-related products.

But in recent weeks, Google appears to have decided that it can no longer afford to keep the search engine up and running, so it has put its search business operations on hold for at least a few months.

Google will stop working on its own search products, which include Google Maps, Google search, Google News, Google+ and the Google app.

The company also plans to lay off about 2,000 employees and reduce the size of its global search workforce by about 30 percent.

The news came after a number Google employees were fired from their jobs over the past year, some of them in the search business.

Google has said that it is taking some of the fired employees on temporary disability and temporarily suspending their work on their companies’ websites and social media accounts.

The company has been under increasing pressure to sell its search services since it reported a $2 billion loss last year.

At the same time, it has continued to improve its search products and has announced several initiatives aimed at improving its online advertising business.

The decision to shutter its search and ad products comes as Google struggles with a number high-profile legal battles.

The U.K. is suing Google, the U

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