What you need to know about the NFL’s new $2 billion “Cosmetic” logo

NEW YORK — It’s the most controversial logo of all time.

The NFL has said it’s “not trying to be provocative,” but there’s plenty of controversy behind the logo.

We’ve dug into the history of the new logo, the controversy surrounding it, and why it’s the biggest controversy in sports history.

(Photo: NBC News)The NFL logo has changed a lot since the original one, as it’s become more synonymous with sports than ever.

It was originally created to commemorate the NFL, but its logo has become a symbol of the NFL itself.

It’s a logo with two parts.

The logo consists of two horizontal stripes of black on a white background.

It starts at the top with the word “NFL,” then cuts across to the word in large letters, “SUPER BOWL.”

The white background has been stripped out.

There are three colors to the logo: gold, silver, and bronze.

GoldThe gold logo is the one you see in the NFL logo on the sideline during games.

The color was designed to symbolize gold, and was a way to indicate that the team was owned by the National Football League.

SilverThe silver logo is also the one that most people associate with the NFL.

The silver color is designed to indicate the color of the coin the NFL uses as its logo.

BronzeThe bronze logo is not a color.

It is the color used for NFL helmets and jerseys.

The logo has been a controversial logo since the 1980s, when a group of college students and football players staged a protest.

They used a metal bowl from the San Francisco 49ers stadium as their target.

That protest eventually led to the resignation of the then-NFC commissioner, Ron Wolf, who was in office at the time.

Wolf resigned after the protests and the NFL instituted changes.

Since then, the NFL has adopted a more neutral, non-offensive look.

The league has not changed the color red, white and blue, the official colors of the league.

It took a while for the NFL to make its logo less offensive, but it was only the first step.

The players have been fighting for years to change the logo, and the league is in the process of revamping the design for the 2020 season.

The “Cosmic Logo”A “Cosmically Correct” Logo That’s just not right, says Michael W. McManus, a sports marketing consultant and professor at Northwestern University.

He’s also the owner of the logo analysis site LogoMaster.com, and he says it has a lot to do with how people perceive the logo today.

“The new logo is very, very different from the old logo.

That’s the one thing that’s so disappointing about the old design,” McManos said.

“It was not a very flattering design for a lot of people to use.

The new logo looks more neutral.”

He’s right.

The old logo was very offensive.

In fact, some critics called it “offensive” and “gross.”

“They didn’t make a logo for you, they made a logo that was offensive,” McMannos said, referring to the players.

“And that’s what they should have been doing.”

The NFL was the first major professional sports league to adopt a neutral logo in 1971, and since then, all other professional sports leagues have adopted similar design elements.

The league says the new design is “the best, simplest and most effective way to represent the NFL.”

“We believe the new look reflects the new NFL identity,” the league said in a statement.

“Cosmetics and sporting events are the only places where the new symbol will be visible.”

McManus said it was important to get rid of the “Cosmonaut” and use a more generic color scheme.

“I think it was very clear from the start that the new color scheme is a more general idea for the league,” McPartland said.

The NFL’s goal is to bring its brand and image into the 21st century, and this is the best way to do that.

The new design, he said, was created by three people who wanted to create a logo they could use in their everyday lives, not in the game.

McPartland noted that the logo is made up of several different colors.

The most common is gold, with silver, bronze and bronze in between.

He said this is because of the high concentration of silver and gold in football helmets and other gear.

McManos believes the league should take its logo to another level.

“They’re trying to make it a more attractive brand, so they could make it more appealing to advertisers and people who work in the entertainment industry,” he said.

He said the new name could be changed to the “NFL” for marketing purposes.

But McPartlands thinks that could also hurt the NFL brand.

“It might hurt their credibility in the eyes of people

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