Trump’s ‘retro’ website, ‘retrogressive’ tweet: ‘This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen’

Trump’s latest tweet on the controversy surrounding his retweeting a photo of himself with a Confederate flag is, according to the New York Times, the worst he’s ever made.

The image, which showed the Republican presidential candidate sitting on a couch with a white supremacist, was taken from the website, which the Times identified as the former website of Breitbart News.

Trump tweeted the photo, which shows him holding a flag, and called for a “swamp clearance” of all Confederate symbols.

“This is exactly what I want to happen,” he said, before saying he was going to call on the Department of Justice to investigate the incident.

“The flag is a symbol of hate, and it is time to bring it down,” he wrote.

Trump also tweeted the following statement on Monday morning: “This has been a long time coming.

I just want to apologize to the American people for this disgusting act.

This was never about me, but about the flag.””

This is about the American flag, the Confederate flag, all the symbols of hatred that the KKK used to hate and that many people still do,” he continued.

“We need to remove these symbols from the public square.

We must never allow this hate to come back.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump suggested that he had no problem with the Confederacy, telling his followers that the flag “is a symbol” of hate.

“You are correct, the flag is not a symbol, but it is a stain on the American soul and its history,” Trump wrote.

“It is no longer just about the Confederate battle flag, it is about racism, white supremacy, and a history of destruction.”

“The flag, like all symbols, is meant to inspire pride and loyalty, not to denigrate anyone, including those who fight for our freedom.

The symbol of the Confederacy is a disgrace to history and its symbols are a stain to our great nation,” he added.

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