How to tell if your child is an online addict or an addict’s child?

A number of studies have found that a child’s online behaviour can be a sign of addiction.

However, research by the University of Sydney has found that some of these studies were conducted on young children and the results have been mixed.

In a new study, a team of researchers found that many of the studies conducted on online addiction had methodological flaws.

“This is a problem,” Dr Sarah Smith, one of the lead researchers on the project, told ABC News.

“Some studies we looked at were done at very young children.

The research that we looked into at a much older age was not as good.”

The study, conducted by Dr Smith and her colleagues, analysed data from more than 100,000 children aged between two and eight years.

They looked at what types of behaviour were being tracked, whether children were online at all, whether they were interacting with friends, whether their parents had reported them as a problem, whether parents had been asked for help, and how much time they spent online.

“The research has shown that it’s very difficult to track all these different things.

Some of the things we found were very important,” Dr Smith said.

“A lot of the research that has been done in this area has focused on online behaviour, and that is very important.

In a statement, Dr Smith says the data was “inappropriate and not representative of the population”. “

We don’t have good information on what is a child who’s using, what is their behaviour like at home, what are the consequences of their use.”

In a statement, Dr Smith says the data was “inappropriate and not representative of the population”.

“The fact that some researchers have found issues with our methodology, particularly with regard to parental reporting, is concerning,” she said.

The researchers conducted their analysis on the first six months of the study, when the majority of the children had been exposed to their parents.

Dr Smith told ABC Radio Melbourne that there were a number of limitations to the study.

“It’s a small study.

There’s no control group.

The results are observational,” she told RN Breakfast.

“If we had done more research on this, we might have had a better understanding of what’s going on in our community.”

Dr Smith added that the study did not provide a definitive answer about the long-term effects of internet use.

“What we’re trying to do here is to show that there’s an effect that occurs over a period of time,” she explained.

“And what we’re looking at is a specific set of behaviours, so we don’t necessarily know what other behaviours might be occurring, or what other factors might be contributing to that.”

While there are no easy answers to this, the study suggests there are many possible reasons why a child might be an online “addict”.

The team is now working to look at how the behaviour is related to other types of addictive behaviours, such as substance abuse and gambling.

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