When you’re the President’s son, a ‘troubled family business’

The White House is trying to reassure parents who are worried their kids will have to pay for web pages they see on Facebook, the first time the administration has done so in years.

“As you know, our administration has made it a priority to protect our kids from the dangers of social media, and that means that we’re committed to making sure that all of our kids’ privacy and security are protected,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Friday.

Psaki said that the Trump administration has issued guidance on how to protect the privacy of young people, including how to use technology to keep tabs on them, how to report child pornography and how to manage their data.

“These steps will protect our children from a variety of cyber threats and online activity, from scams to phishing and identity theft,” Psaki added.

She did not give details of how the administration is making sure kids are not exposed to malicious websites.

Psaki said the White House has a team of privacy professionals working on behalf of the president, the Cabinet, Congress and state and local governments to help them keep tabs and respond to reports of online threats.

The White House also announced new initiatives to educate parents about how to take control of their children’s privacy, including the creation of a website to help parents understand their privacy rights and to educate them about how online technology can be used for bad purposes.

Psakis did not say how many parents have contacted her about the new website.

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