How to watch the big game: This is the time for the big dance

An Indian cricket fan has taken to social media to ask how to watch Indian team’s game against South Africa.

The fan, who calls himself Vishal, says the time to watch is now.

The fan, whose real name is Jagdeep Kumar, says he has a few ideas.

“Watch the big cricket match at 9:30pm and stay up late,” Vishal wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“But don’t come for the game.

There are no more matches.

Just watch it and then go back to sleep.”

It is not the first time Vishal has expressed his frustration over the lack of action in the cricket world.

Earlier this month, Vishal had also posted a tweet that suggested that the team’s coach, Rahul Dravid, should be suspended from the game, saying, “No coach should be allowed to lead a team like that.

No one will ever believe him.”

Dravid has been the coach of the South African side for the last five Tests and the series against South Australia has become one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

The team’s match against the visiting Zimbabwean side has been delayed several times, including after a massive fire broke out at the stadium during the third Test.

A large number of people were injured, including four players.

The game was supposed to be held in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but the match was delayed because of a fire at the venue.

In the meantime, many fans have taken to Twitter to complain that the game has been cancelled and that the delay is hurting the country’s cricket.

“The cricket is cancelled, the time is 10am.

So why did you not cancel the game?

It’s only 4:30,” tweeted Vishal.”

Don’t let the world watch the Indian team lose.

We are ready to win the Test match in a few hours,” he added.

A day earlier, a similar sentiment was expressed by a cricket fan in the northern state of Jammu.

“Cricket is cancelled.

No need to watch.

India will take the match,” the fan wrote on Instagram.

India are in the middle of a two-match series against Australia.

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