The ‘troubling’ story of Edison’s Web page that disappeared

The Edison Web page vanished in 2010 after a company called the Edison Research Center (ERC) hired the former US attorney general to investigate the company’s handling of fraud claims.

Mr Trump tweeted that he had been informed of the “troublesome” disappearance of Mr Edison’s website but could not provide any details.

“They will not talk about it, and I am not going to do it,” Mr Trump said.

“I want the truth out there.”‘

Very, very bad news’ Mr Trump was referring to a federal lawsuit filed against the Edison Center by an anonymous source.

“This is very, very, bad news for the Edison family,” said attorney Stephen Schwartz.

“We’ve had two people who were working for the family sued for $30 million.

We have two lawyers for the plaintiff and one of those lawyers is representing a very, highly-paid government official who worked for the government of the United States,” Mr Schwartz said.

Mr Schwartz, who represents Mr Edison, said the suit filed by the anonymous source was “basically a false story”.

“It’s a huge, huge problem,” Mr Schwab said.

In a statement, Edison said Mr Trump’s tweet was incorrect.

“The company’s investigation is still ongoing, and the Edison Newsroom does not have any information on the matter,” it said.

The newsroom has previously reported that the Edison website had disappeared.

“There is no indication that the site has ever been accessed, but we’ve reached out to the Edison organization for comment,” the newsroom said.

Edison has denied any wrongdoing and said the lawsuit was an attempt to distract attention from its own financial problems.

It said the company had not yet seen the lawsuit.

“Our team is still gathering information about the lawsuit, but this lawsuit is not being served in any way,” the company said.

It has said it has no plans to close the business, despite the federal probe.

A spokesperson for Mr Trump has also denied any involvement in the disappearance of the website.

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