Which of the Trump administration’s executive orders has been the most controversial?

The Trump administration has a long list of controversial executive orders.

Some of them are already on the chopping block.

Here are 10 of the most notable.


The Travel Ban The Trump administration announced last month that it was extending the travel ban on refugees and visa holders for 120 days.

The president said the order would be in effect for 90 days.

That was immediately challenged in court, and on Monday, a judge blocked it.

The Supreme Court will have to weigh in on the matter next week.2.

A Ban on Transgender People in Military Service The administration on Tuesday temporarily blocked the Pentagon from excluding transgender people from military service.

Trump said it was not enough for the Pentagon to simply allow trans people to serve, and the president said he would consider allowing transgender people in the military “with due regard for their gender identity.”

Trump said he was still open to allowing transgender troops to serve.3.

A Pro-Life Bill To Stop Abortion in the U.S. The Republican Party, which is a major power in the Senate, introduced a bill on Wednesday that would prohibit the Department of Defense from performing abortions on women in the case of rape or incest.

The measure has been introduced in the House of Representatives as well.4.

The Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) In 2019 The ACA was passed by Congress in 2010, and it is widely considered the most important health care reform in the nation’s history.

The Trump Administration has proposed a repeal of the law.

The American Health Care Act is a bill that would repeal Obamacare, but it is also known as the American Health Security Act or AHSA.5.

A Bill to Allow the Veterans to Bring Home Their Dead From Iraq and Afghanistan The White House on Wednesday proposed allowing the veterans of Iraq and the Afghanistan to bring home their dead to a cemetery, saying it was “important to honor those who gave their lives for our country.”

The proposal is being challenged in federal court, however, as it is not a specific ban on bringing the dead back to their country.6.

A “Restoring American Sovereignty Act” That Would Revoke the President’s Power To Declare War The House passed the Restoring American Safety Act on Wednesday, which would give Congress the power to declare war.

This power would only be exercised if Congress was notified of the war’s existence.7.

A Repeal Of The COVID-19 RuleThe Trump Administration on Wednesday announced a repeal and replacement of the CDC-administered vaccine that protects against the coronavirus.

The rule was designed to prevent coronaviruses spreading to others.8.

The Rescuing Victims of Domestic Violence The Justice Department announced on Tuesday that it will begin a process of rescinding President Trump’s orders that allow women to sue their abusers in domestic violence cases.

The orders, which the Justice Department said are aimed at ensuring victims have “reasonable protection” from their abusers, are in effect in 36 states and the District of Columbia.9.

The Ban on Ex-Im Bank Loans For Private CompaniesThe Trump White House proposed on Wednesday a ban on private banks from using government funds to make loans to foreign firms that compete with American companies.

The order, signed by Trump, is currently being challenged by the American Bankers Association, the country’s largest trade association.10.

The Protecting Our Sovereignty, Freedom and Privacy Act Of 2018The House on Tuesday passed the Protecting American Sovereignties, Freedom, and Privacy (PASPA) of 2018, which gives Congress the authority to protect privacy rights in the United States and to regulate foreign intelligence collection.

The legislation would give the government the power, for example, to prohibit the National Security Agency from collecting information about U. S. citizens’ phone calls.

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