Facebook users are ‘disappointed’ with news

Facebook users across Australia have been disappointed by the news that Facebook News was suspended after a few days, with some suggesting it should be replaced by a mobile app.

The decision to shut down News was made on Monday and the company had promised to restore the service within days.

But some users have said that they have received no reply from Facebook.

The news has been met with a mix of confusion, outrage and concern on social media and many users have posted videos showing people on the street asking for answers to questions they have about the shutdown.

Some users have written to Facebook to express their outrage over the news, with many others posting videos showing their anger on the Facebook news feed.

One user, who goes by the name The_Donald, posted on Facebook that he had spent “four hours” walking through Sydney’s CBD in the early hours of Sunday morning and he said he was shocked by the closure.

“I don’t think Facebook can continue to operate with News suspended, it’s ridiculous,” he said.

Facebook did not respond to requests for comment.

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What to expect if you received a Facebook message from your Facebook account saying your account has been suspended.

Facebook’s Australian news feed is still active in the US and Australia.

Read moreWhat you can do if your Facebook News account is suspended in AustraliaIf you received the message that your Facebook Facebook News accounts account was suspended, you should check the status of your account by visiting the Facebook Help Center or by visiting a Facebook friend who has also received a notice.

If you received no message, it may be because you were not a Facebook user and you may not have yet received a reply from your account.

If you are not a US citizen, Facebook recommends that you use the US-based app that you were using to access Facebook.

Facebook also recommends using a separate account to access your account, and if you do not have a separate Facebook account, use your Facebook password.

Facebook users can now share videos with other Facebook users, using a new feature called Video Sharing.

This means that users can share videos, images and other content from their Facebook News feed with anyone, including other users.

Users can also share content on their News feed through the new video sharing feature.

Read More: Facebook News has also been updated to remove some content.

The removal of video sharing has been accompanied by a notification to users saying that the video sharing functionality has been removed.

However, some users were left in a strange position when they discovered that Facebook’s video sharing had been removed for them.

“Facebook News is still live and active on my News Feed, however, I am unable to share videos on my Facebook News Feed due to the removal of Video Sharing,” wrote one user on Facebook.

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