Which Twitter user got more mentions: @marcuslucas or @sarahlouis?

Twitter user @marciuslucás, the president of the US social media platform, has received the most mentions on the social network over the past year, according to a new analysis by BuzzFeed.

He was followed by @sara_louises, who has received 2.9 million mentions, according the data from Alexa.

The data was compiled from tweets that included @marceslucasmus, @saramlouisa, and @srhbutts.

BuzzFeed found that @marcinlucos tweets have received a total of 6.6 million mentions in the past 12 months.

It said that @sarahlouiss tweets have been followed by 2.1 million.

Twitter is the top social media site, with more than 1.1 billion daily active users.

The platform also has some of the largest audiences for tweets.

The figures are based on data from Google Analytics, which uses machine-learning techniques to estimate how much people are sharing and sharing on Twitter.

In the past, @marcias tweets have averaged about 300,000 mentions a day, while @saragodias tweets have averages of around 2.5 million.

The two users have about a quarter of the total daily mentions on Twitter, BuzzFeed said.

BuzzFeed did not include @marcio in the analysis.

The most shared tweet on Twitter by @marcslucasi was a photo of a man sitting on a beach, with the caption, “You need to come visit me.”

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