Trump: ‘There is no way I would have voted for Trump’

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday night that he does not regret voting for the Republican nominee in November.

Trump’s statement came just hours after his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said the president does not remember making any of the remarks in which he said that his supporters should “kill and maim” Trump supporters.

Trump has come under intense scrutiny over his repeated accusations of voter fraud, which he called “a total hoax” during his 2016 campaign.

His campaign has repeatedly denied any misconduct and said its volunteers were in fact registered to vote in at least two states, California and New York.

Lewandowski on Tuesday night told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that the president “did not think it was going to be easy” for the American people to elect him, and “it was not easy.”

“I think it’s pretty clear to everybody, in fact, it’s fairly clear, that there is no reason to believe that the people who voted for him, who cast ballots for him in those states, did not cast votes for him,” Lewandowski said.

“And he said it himself.

And I think he was very clear.

He said it very clearly, ‘I did not do it.'”

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