When Google and Facebook finally get on board: the world’s first mobile-first tech partnership

The world is getting a mobile-only version of Google’s new web page that will offer up real-time video, live chat, and more.

The partnership with Facebook will begin in 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal, which says it has been in the works for several years.

The new website will be the first of its kind, and will allow users to access Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, and a range of other Google services via the same Google app.

This isn’t a completely new idea for the two companies: they already offer similar mobile versions of services like Google Maps and YouTube, though Google is currently using a native browser that makes navigating the mobile web difficult.

It’s not clear if the new page will be available for mobile users to use, or if the same content will be present on both websites.

Both Google and Yahoo said they expect to launch a mobile version of their pages within the next year.

Google’s new mobile site will offer live video, a video chat interface, and the ability to post content directly from a Google account.

(YouTube is a bit more of a stretch for the platform, as the company has yet to release a video-based video chat app.)

Google’s website and mobile apps will all be available on both Android and iOS devices.

Facebook said it plans to launch the new website sometime in 2018.

The two companies first announced their partnership back in 2014, when Facebook announced plans to make its mobile app its main competitor.

The Facebook partnership is similar to a number of similar mobile-centric partnerships in recent years, including Google’s own partnership with YouTube, Yahoo’s with Facebook, and others.

More from BGR: Google and Yahoo’s latest collaboration may end up hurting Google’s web search rankingsGoogle is in a tricky position.

Its search rankings have been dropping as mobile search becomes more popular, and it’s not uncommon for search to be ranked worse for a given search term on a mobile device than it is on a desktop computer.

The search company has made a concerted effort to get users to take a mobile search experience more seriously, though it’s also looking to push users to more of its mobile products.

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