How the media’s war on Trump’s ‘fake news’ is coming home to roost

POLITICO | 03-21-17 07:42:05 | Politico Reporter Katie Glueck: “The ‘fake’ story about how the media is suppressing the Trump presidency is being debunked.

That’s why they’re going to a major victory on November 8.”

| “Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is back at it again with the fake story about the media.

The media is not fake, but it is in a constant state of denial and deception.”

| “[The] Media is trying to bury Donald Trump by making it seem like everything is fine.

I believe the media can do this and I believe it can make it look like it is.”

| “‘The Fake’ story is a total lie.

The MSM is in the midst of a coordinated campaign to destroy Donald Trump and the Republican Party,” said Conway.

| “This is the media doing what they do best: spreading lies, fabricating facts and fabricating the facts.”

| Media’s campaign to suppress Trump’s presidency is coming back home to haunt the Trump administration | CNN: “President Trump and Vice President Pence are not happy about the story.

The president said in a statement Friday that it is ‘a total lie.'”

| “The fake media is trying so hard to suppress President Trump.

They want him to lose.

But the truth is, he is the president and he is winning.

The Fake News Media is losing its mind!”

| “Fake news has been the media of record since its inception, yet we have come to a point where the mainstream media is losing credibility.”

| CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “Fake media trying to suppress Donald Trump, who has been winning and is going to be inaugurated tomorrow, has a real problem.

He’s not going to get through to the American people if the media keeps doing this.”

| A major victory for the president’s campaign will come on Election Day.

| CNN commentator Ana Navarro: “Trump is in such a desperate situation.

He needs the media to play a more effective role in this campaign and he needs to use that media to get him through the election.”

| ABC News’ Jake Tapper: “He has a lot of work to do and he has a big job ahead of him.”

| MSNBC host Joe Scarborough: “I think the media will be a big winner.”

| CBS’s Norah O’Donnell: “If they don’t play this right, then he’ll be in trouble.”

| Trump on the campaign trail: “They’re trying to make this look like they’re having an election in which they’re not playing a game of games.”

| BuzzFeed’s Mike Allen: “It’s a total hoax.”

| NPR’s Steve Inskeep: “This will be the most important election since the Civil War.”

| Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “A total fabrication.”

| CNBC’s John Harwood: “We’re in the middle of a campaign.

The election is over.”

| POLITICO’s Katie Gloeck: “[The fake] story about [the] media is a complete lie.

It’s a complete fabrication.”

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